Myrita: Becoming a slightly better version of yourself

Life is a constant flux.

As technologies continue to fuse the physical, digital, and biological worlds, how are you coping with the disruption?

In my practice as a learning designer and talent coach/facilitator of adult learning, I encounter many adults who are ill prepared for change and disruption. They constantly fumble around trying to determine where they wish to go. When I developed my prototype of a learning toolkit, my learners liked what they saw and quickly adopted it for use.

Hence, Myrita  was born, inspired by the Spanish name Rita, which means ‘pearl’. Myrita  is a space for you to pause, ponder, and prosper. This journal is a culmination of anecdotes, tools, frameworks, and pearls of wisdom. This booklet aids you as you shift your priorities, or take on new life projects.


Myrita2: Becoming a Healthier Version of Yourself

Life is a balancing act. Finding the right balance is a constant challenge.

Technologies continue to innovate the way food is grown, harvested, processed and consumed. A wide array of food products is now available to the urban masses. Given our busy lives, how many of us have taken the time to pause and ponder about what we are eating? Have we prospered from the large variety of ultra-processed foods that is easily available?

Furthermore, we are constantly connected to our digital devices. How often do we pay attention to our physical activities and exercise regimes? Have we pondered about our fixation on instant gratification and miracle cures?

Myrita2  is a space to pause, ponder and prosper about how to improve one’s health. This booklet is a collection of sixteen recipes, using primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, to boost your immune system. These fruits and vegetables are natural remedies that are commonly available at most of our grocery stores. The kitchen is potentially a fun and fantastic laboratory for you to cook up different combinations of fresh ingredients, for yourself and your loved ones. The emphasis is on rainbow diet and clean eating to boost your immunity system.