About the Author

About the Author

Louise YT Phua is a talent coach for global citizens and international nomads in life and work transitions. Louise thrives in people development. Together with her clients, she helps individuals and organisations to construct and realise their future selves.

In her practice as a talent coach / facilitator of adult learning, Louise encounters many adults who have struggled with health issues. The majority of Louise’s coaching clients and learners are urbanites in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. Often, these clients are deeply engrossed in career progression that they have forgotten that health is wealth. When health checks and nagging aches reveal serious conditions, these adult learners look for instant gratification and quick fixes.

When Louise published her first booklet, Myrita  in 2019, she received overwhelming encouragement from friends, family, and peers. Myrita  is inspired by the Spanish name Rita, which means ‘pearl’. Myrita  is a space to pause, ponder, and prosper about life projects and new priorities. This series of booklets is designed to help readers explore, experiment, and expand their lives, therefore finding their own pearls of wisdom.

Louise has almost twenty years’ work experience in talent acquisition and people development. On a daily basis, Louise interacts with a wide spectrum of talents with various professions, nationalities, personalities, and aspirations. As she specialises in the life science and consumer markets, a majority of the talents that Louise works with include dentists, doctors, flavourists, food scientists, food technologists, healthcare economists, hospital administrators, logisticians, microbiologists, nutritionists, packaging professionals, pharmacists, consumer marketing specialists, etc. During her conversations with these talents, they exchange knowledge about various aspects of life science.

A Singaporean by birth, she has worked and lived in Australia, China, France, and Malaysia. While effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, Louise also speaks basic French and Bahasa Indonesia. She is a serious practitioner of mindfulness and Iyengar yoga.

Louise holds a MA Lifelong Learning from University College London Institute of Education and a BA Marketing and the Media from Murdoch University, Western Australia. A certified coach in positive psychology, Louise has completed a Harvard certificate in six-week plan for healthy eating.

A self-declared bland food queen, Louise’s Teochew’s family lives on a diet with low sugar, low salt, and little oil. Louise favours the natural taste of fresh produce.

At the heart of it, Louise relishes the personal story of how each earthling overcomes obstacles and becomes slightly better version of oneself.